The locations of Viva Paraguay: Where dreams are at home

In the picturesque surroundings of Paraguay, a country known for its warm climate and stunning natural beauty, Viva Paraguay offers a selection of exquisite properties. Our locations are strategically chosen areas that not only captivate with their natural beauty, but also offer excellent infrastructure and a vibrant community.
Nestled between the Ybytyruzú mountain range and the dynamic university town of Villarrica, as well as Colonia Independencia, our locations offer the best of both worlds: the tranquility and beauty of rural Paraguay combined with the amenities and infrastructure of a city.

The Ideal Location: Between Nature and Culture

The carefully selected locations by Viva Paraguay not only offer you the opportunity to live in a dreamlike setting but also make a solid investment. With plot sizes ranging from 600 to 5,000 square meters, surrounded by green spaces and with the option for commercial use, our offerings adapt to your individual needs.
The connection to essential infrastructure such as electricity, water, and fiber-optic internet is naturally provided, as well as proximity to shopping facilities, dining, and a German school. All this makes the locations of Viva Paraguay a perfect place for families, couples, and singles who dream of living in Paraguay.

Discover Your Opportunities with Viva Paraguay

Each location of Viva Paraguay has been chosen with the goal of offering our customers an unparalleled living experience. Whether you seek proximity to nature, which is evident in the Ybytyruzú National Park with its waterfalls, viewpoints, and hiking trails, or prefer the vibrant city life in Villarrica – Viva Paraguay has the perfect place for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About: Viva Paraguay Locations: Your Gateway to a New Lifestyle

Where are the locations of Viva Paraguay?

Our locations are strategically positioned between the Ybytyruzú mountain range, the university town of Villarrica, and Colonia Independencia, offering our customers an ideal mix of nature, culture, and infrastructure.

How can I find a Viva Paraguay office near me?

For detailed information and personal consultation about our locations, please contact us directly via our website or by phone. We will be happy to direct you to the nearest office.

Is there a central contact point for inquiries to Viva Paraguay?

Yes, for general inquiries or specific information about our locations, you can use our central contact point, which can be accessed via our website.

How many branches does Viva Paraguay have in Paraguay?

Viva Paraguay has several branches throughout Paraguay. For exact locations and more information, please visit our website.

What services do the individual Viva Paraguay locations offer?

Our locations offer comprehensive services related to the purchase and development of properties, including consulting on building regulations, investment opportunities, and much more.