Cédula and Residence Permit in Paraguay: An Easy Path to a New Life

Deciding to move to a new country is never easy. It involves numerous challenges and formalities, especially when it comes to applying for a residence permit and a Cédula. However, Paraguay offers a remarkable exception to this rule. Compared to other countries, it is surprisingly easy to obtain a permanent residence permit in Paraguay. This process is beneficial not only for those who decide to live permanently in the country but also for those who would like to consider Paraguay as their temporary residence.
A permanent residence permit, also known as “Admisión Permanente,” along with a Paraguayan ID card (Cédula de Identidad), opens many doors. These documents are essential for basic and advanced activities, such as opening a bank account or starting a business. The basic package for the permanent residence permit and the Cédula per person is priced at €2,890.00, which covers all official fees, translations, and notary costs.

The Process: How to Obtain a Cédula and Residence Permit in Paraguay

Viva Paraguay understands that settling in a new country can be overwhelming. Therefore, we offer comprehensive support that ranges from preparing all necessary visits to avoiding waiting times. The Cédula de Identidad (C.I.), valid in all Mercosur countries, and all required formalities are applied for and processed in our offices. This service is unique and reflects our commitment to making our clients’ transition to Paraguay as smooth as possible.
As part of a special investor’s tour, we offer a comprehensive service that includes airport pickup, hotel bookings, and individual care. This means our clients don’t have to worry about care, transport, accommodations, or meals – we take care of everything. This holistic approach underscores our role not just as your partner for purchasing land in Paraguay but also as your support in the process of integrating into your new life.

Requirements and Steps for Application

To successfully apply for a Cédula and residence permit in Paraguay, certain requirements must be met. The process begins with the compilation of necessary documents that need to be translated and notarized. Viva Paraguay is here to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible. We guide you through each phase, from the initial inquiry to the receipt of your documents.
Investing in Paraguay, whether through purchasing land or starting a business, is a crucial step in securing your residence permit. Paraguay offers unique opportunities for investors and those who wish to become one. The chance to be part of a growing community of expatriates exploring the numerous benefits of living in Paraguay is within reach.
In summary, applying for a Cédula and residence permit in Paraguay with Viva Paraguay by your side is a seamless process. Our goal is not only to guide you through the land purchasing process but also to ensure that you receive all the necessary information and support to realize your dream of living in Paraguay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About: Cédula and Residence Permit in Paraguay

What is a Cédula and how can I apply for it in Paraguay?

The Cédula de Identidad is the Paraguayan ID card, which is valid in all Mercosur countries. To apply for a Cédula, you must have a permanent residence permit in Paraguay. Viva Paraguay assists you with this process by taking all necessary steps from document preparation to processing in our offices.

What are the requirements for a residence permit in Paraguay?

What documents are needed to apply for a Cédula?

To apply for a Cédula, you need your passport, permanent residence permit, a health certificate, and proof of your residence in Paraguay. All documents must be officially translated and notarized, a service that Viva Paraguay can provide for you.

How long does the process to obtain a residence permit in Paraguay take?

The timeframe for obtaining a residence permit can vary but is typically about three to six months, depending on the completeness and correctness of the submitted documents. With the support of Viva Paraguay, you can make this process efficient and smooth.

Can I work and live in Paraguay with a Cédula?

Yes, with a Cédula and a permanent residence permit, you can live and work in Paraguay. These documents also entitle you to open a bank account, purchase property, and start a business. Viva Paraguay is here to make your transition to your new life in Paraguay as easy as possible.
At Viva Paraguay, we are committed to making your transition to Paraguay as seamless as possible. Should you have any further questions or need specific information, we are always available to support you on your journey.