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Housing and living

The cost of living, including rent, is significantly lower than in Germany and its neighboring countries; of course, costs are always dependent on the respective lifestyle. There are strong regional differences in rental prices, depending on whether one wants to live in the city or in a more rural area. Prices for food and everyday goods fluctuate, with local produce being much cheaper than imported products. Self-sufficiency with fruits and vegetables from one’s own garden is very common and easy to implement due to the favorable climate.

The cost of building homes is also cheaper than in Germany, and there are virtually no generally applicable building codes. Gated communities, called “Barrios Cerrados”, are becoming increasingly popular in Paraguay. With “Viva Paraguay” we are also pursuing this concept.

Especially in rural areas, having your own vehicle is indispensable. One can either buy new cars, used cars or imported used cars. The price differences between new and used vehicles are smaller than in Europe. When buying used vehicles, one should check the condition very carefully and preferably consult a mechanic, because in Paraguay there is no institution like the TÜV in Germany. Decisive criteria for vehicle selection are the location (unpaved roads, flooding and potholes in rural areas or paved roads in the city) and the availability of spare parts. The purchase contract is then concluded via a notary.