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“Germany and Paraguay are linked by a long-standing friendship. Embedded in a rules-based order, we work together to find answers to the great challenges of our time.”

German Ambassador to Paraguay Holger Scherf

Paraguay is a popular destination for emigrants from Europe, especially Germany. 5 to 7% of the Paraguayan population are immigrants of German origin. The first German colonies have existed since the end of the 19th century in San Bernardino and in Nueva Germania. Independencia was added later. The German language is still widely spoken there.

Reisen, Wohnen, Leben


Besides the pleasant warm climate, it is mainly the economic and financial conditions that make the country attractive. To enter the country, you only need a passport and no visa. This gives a three-month residence permit. Mostly you enter as a tourist and can apply for a permanent residence permit. You can find more information here.

Paraguay has grown significantly in popularity with travelers in recent years. The hospitable country has great nature, interesting historical sights and still much of the original Paraguayan culture to offer. Tourism is still moderate.

Paraguay is definitely a low tax country, but is not considered a “tax haven”. There is no extensive double taxation agreement with other countries. Paraguay has a territorial tax system that largely does not tax foreign income. The cost of living is comparatively low and the country is relatively stable politically.