Working and Business in Paraguay: A Guide for Expatriates

Paraguay, a country with lush landscapes and a growing economy, offers numerous opportunities for those willing to take the plunge and settle there. The ability to work or start a business in Paraguay is attracting more and more people from Europe looking for new horizons. At “Viva Paraguay,” we understand the uniqueness of this opportunity and provide comprehensive support for those looking to establish themselves in Paraguay.

After obtaining the residence permit and the Cédula, the Paraguayan ID card, the country’s labor market is open. With a 48-hour workweek and a minimum wage of about 350 euros per month, Paraguay offers an environment where tradespeople and professionals can excel through their qualifications. The lack of vocational training in the European style makes European quality and craftsmanship particularly sought after.

Opportunities for Self-Employment and Company Formation

Self-employment in Paraguay is enticingly simple with a minimal tax rate and low notarial start-up costs for registered companies like SRLs. Although good language skills are an advantage, the diverse opportunities for business startups provide fertile ground for entrepreneurs. From opening a business to realizing a comprehensive farm concept with timber production, livestock grazing, and vegetable farming—the range of possibilities is vast.

At “Viva Paraguay,” we support emission-free commercial activities on your own property and also offer spaces in the neighboring industrial park for further ventures such as craft businesses or animal husbandry. Our corporate group is ready to support you in realizing your business ideas in Paraguay.

Paraguay Labor Market and Remote Work

The labor market in Paraguay is characterized by a high demand for skilled professionals. European expatriates often find good earning opportunities that reflect their skills and qualifications. Additionally, remote work or location-independent work is growing in popularity. Working from any location in the world—as long as an internet connection exists—offers attractive flexibility, especially appealing to the younger generation.

“Viva Paraguay” promotes this trend and supports those who choose a digital nomad existence in Paraguay. With our property offers, you can not only live and work in Paraguay but also become part of a community that prefers sustainable and emission-free business models.

To successfully settle in Paraguay, it is important to use all available resources. Various job boards and online platforms can be helpful in job hunting, while local networks and contacts are essential for gaining a foothold. At “Viva Paraguay,” we offer not just land but also a network and resources to make your transition as smooth as possible.

In conclusion, Paraguay is a land full of opportunities, especially for those ready to start a new chapter in their lives. Whether you plan to become self-employed or seek employment, “Viva Paraguay” is your partner to help turn your dreams into reality. Discover with us the countless opportunities that Paraguay has to offer and let us together shape your future in this wonderful country.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About: Working & Business

What does the job market in Paraguay look like for foreigners?

The job market in Paraguay is open and offers diverse opportunities for skilled professionals and tradespeople. Foreigners, especially those with European vocational training or expertise, are highly sought after. The prospects are good, particularly in areas where there is a lack of local training. At “Viva Paraguay,” we support you in exploring and utilizing your professional opportunities in Paraguay.

What steps are necessary to start a business in Paraguay?

Starting a business in Paraguay begins with obtaining the necessary documents, such as the residence permit and the Cédula. You can then register your business with a minimal tax rate. The costs for notarial establishment are comparatively low. “Viva Paraguay” is happy to advise you on the specific steps and supports you in implementing your business venture.

What are the requirements for obtaining a work visa in Paraguay?

To obtain a work visa in Paraguay, a residence permit is generally required. Additionally, job seekers must be able to demonstrate that they possess the necessary qualifications for their intended activity. The processes can change, so it is important to seek current information from the Paraguayan embassy or consulate.

How can I become self-employed in Paraguay?

Becoming self-employed in Paraguay is attractive due to the low bureaucratic effort and low taxes. From opening a small business to larger enterprises, there are numerous opportunities. “Viva Paraguay” helps you understand the local market and advises you on the best steps to successfully establish and run your business.

Which sectors offer the best investment opportunities in Paraguay?

In Paraguay, agriculture, renewable energy, and the technology sector offer interesting investment opportunities. The government encourages foreign investment through various incentives. “Viva Paraguay” provides advice and support for investors interested in tapping into the diverse opportunities in Paraguay.