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Work & Commerce

After receiving the residence permit and cedula, working in Paraguay is possible without any problems. It should be noted that there is a 48-hour week in Paraguay and the minimum wage is currently the equivalent of 350 euros per month. Craftsmen and other trained professionals are welcome and have good earning opportunities due to their professional qualifications. In Paraguay, there is no vocational training in the European sense and accordingly European quality and craftsmanship are in great demand.

There are many opportunities for self-employment. With a minimum tax rate, one can open a commercial or private business, and the notarial incorporation fees for registered companies (SRL, etc.) are also very low. Good language skills are an advantage here in any case.

Various job boards on the Internet can also be helpful in finding the right job. Remote work, or work that can be done online from a computer, is another option and is becoming increasingly popular.

Here at “Viva Paraguay”, emission-free commercial activities on one’s own property, where neighbors are not affected, are easily possible. For other activities, such as crafts or animal husbandry, space can be rented in the neighboring industrial park. In cooperation with our group of companies, a larger farm concept with wood production, pasture animal husbandry and vegetable cultivation can also be realized.